Scandinavia and the World

Are you bored sitting in your dorm room, procrastinating reading that one article for class or just plain in the mood to laugh? Check out the comic website Scandinavia and the World. Scandinavia and the World is a comical website that uses current and historical events and makes them into a satirical mash up of comics. Each character is marked by their countries flag as their shirt, as well as other stereotypical qualities assumed with that country.

Getting around in CPH

As a newly arrived international student, one of the challenges you are immediately faced with is how to get around the city. Without any knowledge of the options available to you, you actually might spend more money and effort than you really need to. So, here is everything you need to know about that.

Louisiana – The left foot of Art

About 40 kilometers north of Copenhagen the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art lays on the shore of Øresund. A left foot to the classical art of Statens Museum for Kunst and stony eyed sculptures of Glyptoteket inside urban Copenhagen. Louisiana, as its called, brings a vitalizing and different feel to the Danish Art scene as one of the premier Contemporary Art Museums in Scandinavia.