CPH Weather Personalities

When it comes to packing for your time in Copenhagen, one must always consider the weather. If you had any preconceived notions about what the weather will be like, save yourself some time and throw them out the window. Right now. You’ll save yourself a lot of confusion and disbelief when suddenly the sky starts pouring buckets on your head. Or when Mother Nature unleashes chilling winds that will quickly turn your tamed head of hair into a wild interesting new hair-do. Who knows, maybe you’ll start a crazy new runway trend? We all know runway hairstyles are the only ones best suited for daily life.

Yep. That's the look, alright!

Yep. That’s the look, alright!


So, how do you prepare for such unpredictable weather, you may ask? Well, it’s best for you to accept right now that you’ll fall into one of three situational personality types, all of which also just happen to be the titles of Nicholas Sparks books. And no, despite the adverse weather in this book/movie, The Notebook is not one of them.

Personality A: The Believer

Ikke-navngivet2You of the type of person that will attempt to always be prepared for any type of weather that may hit you in Copenhagen. You’re like this guy! You truly believe that being well-prepared is the only option. Your backpack is stocked with a handy umbrella and your rain jacket that folds into a convenient, handy pouch. You also have a hat and scarf to keep you warm when you leave your afternoon class and the temperature has randomly dropped 5 degrees. Don’t worry though, that always never happens! Hands getting cold on that long bike ride home? No problem. You’re stocked with gloves and hand warmers in your handy dandy Mary Poppins-like bag. Seriously though, what’s your trick to fitting all that in there? Congratulations you over achiever, you! You’ll be way more prepared than the rest of us walking by you drenched. You’ll be lugging all this around all the time but hey, you get the last laugh, right?

Personality B: The Longest Ride

Ikke-navngivet3You are the total opposite of the Believer. You’re a risk taker. You like to live on the edge. You’re ready for anything Copenhagen weather has to throw at you. Bring it on! Who cares if you’re soaking wet or about to be blown off your bike by that random hurricane force wind? A little water never hurt anyone, right? It’s got nothing on you. You’re the kind of person that will wear a rain jacket if it’s already raining but if it’s not in the forecast, forget about it. You won’t be bothered to carry around that extra baggage. Who cares if you get sick after walking around in cold rain all day? You’re awesome and will beat that too! Though, it will be one long ride when you’re soaking wet all day because you decided to flirt with danger. Good luck, my friend.

Personality C: The Lucky One

Ikke-navngivet4You are, well, lucky. Congratulations, you’re the person that we all wish we could be! You tend to be the first person to complain about how unprepared you are for this sudden downpour that began as you were leaving class. But wait! Your complaining quickly comes to a halt when you reach into your backpack only to miraculously find a hidden umbrella in your backpack! How lucky. You must’ve just forgotten it was there. Silly you. Keep doing you. I hope your luck remains. Be thankful. We aren’t all as fortunate as you.

Long story short, it is inevitable that you will be at least one of these people during your stay in Copenhagen. Your fate is up to you. I’d give it a few short weeks before you start to figure out how much you want to flirt with unpredictability. It won’t take you very long to figure out that Copenhagen weather is ultimately just out to get you. Just kidding, but really, in all seriousness bring all the stuff you need for cold weather and rain and then once you get here decide what you want to carry around. Sort yourselves into these categories wisely. Unfortunately we don’t have a sorting hat to tell you where you’ll fall but I trust you can manage.

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