Distortion: Be ready to party!

What should you expect from the biggest street party in Europe as a newcomer? From what I have experienced, it is pretty safe to say that Copenhagen is an exciting place and that it can always surprise you when you least expect it. As a foreign student in Denmark, I really got the chance to dive into the true essence of Danish culture when the spring arrived. And as we know spring is right around the corner, so that means only one thing: FESTIVALS, and more likely, it is time for DISTORTION!

From 1st of June 2016 the party on the streets will be rocking Copenhagen again like there is no tomorrow. The streets are filled with various artist playing on stages, the crowd is immense and if you like to party, then that is the place for you! The party will continue for 5 days and if you happen to be in town, it’s something that you should definitely experience.

A quick guide on how to prepare for it with 5 simple steps

1. Get a few good friends, otherwise you can make some new ones at the festival.
2. Bring your favorite beverage/s, sometimes it is impossible to buy something at the bars, same goes for food (because of the long queues).
3. Bring some warm clothes for those cold Danish nights.
4. Nice shoes which can protect you from shattered glass.
5. Last but not least, positive attitude, a big smile and enjoy the festival!

What to expect?

In the daytime from 16:00-22:00 the streets are closed, the atmosphere is very welcoming. You can see how Copenhageners have fun, usually a bit tipsy and with big smiles on their faces enjoying the festival. As any festival, you can always see all kind of people dressed up in funny costumes. There are 20-40 street parties in a very close proximity to each other and that gives a chance to listen to underground artists and their music. Because of this, the slogan of the festival became “A week of Emerging Dance Music and Orchestrated Chaos”. As Distortion is a mobile festival, the party will start on the streets of Copenhagen, and more precisely in Nørrebro and Vesterbro. If the daytime party is not enough for you, you can always join the nigh parties as you can get your Distortion Pass for the price of 575DKK (early birds can buy it cheaper) and it will end with a grand finale in the harbor.

Distortion planDistortion_logo

Wednesday 1st June
Street Party in Nørrebro by day
Thursday 2nd June
Street Party in Vesterbro by day
Friday 3rd June
Distortion Østerbro at Refshaleøen by day and night
Saturday 4th June
Distortion Østerbro at Refshaleøen by day and night
Sunday 5th June
A chill (Hygge in Danish) event by day.

A little bit of history of how it all started

Distortion started in 1998 as a one-night party in the nightclub Mantra in Tivoli, later on when people enjoyed the street festival, in the year 2000 it became the reason to host one-day festivals in a different neighborhood for 5 days. Since its beginning, local artists and icons of the street life and club culture have been invited to host their own event during the party week. After a single gathering in 2007 reached 2.000 guest at a street party, Distortions decided to GO BIG and entered in collaboration with Copenhagen City Council. Reporting in 2011, it had had 80.000-100.000 visitors per day, turning it to THE LARGEST ANNUAL GATHERING in Europe.

To buy a Distortion Pass and get access to all events, click here.

So if you happen to be in Copenhagen and want to take part of the largest street fest in Europe, I encourage you to do so, it is something worth experiencing at least once in your life. Thank you for reading, stay tuned for more 😉

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