What is StudyCPH?

The most important thing for most students who are planning on studying abroad is finding relevant information about the city they are going to live in. On StudyCPH we have gathered information about a few of the things most international students need to know in order to get started in Copenhagen.

StudyCPH is a website with easy access to information about the University of Copenhagen and the other universities in Copenhagen and the Øresund Region, housing, social life and more. In short; all the essential information you need to know if you are going to study in Copenhagen!

By gathering all this information we aim at presenting a first-stop portal for all international students who are interested in Copenhagen. This way we hope to help you getting a good start to your student life. On this site you will find gateways to all the basic information and links that will provide you with the rest of what you need to know.

This is the second version of the site, and we will continue to add new and relevant information.

If you plan to study in Copenhagen, are currently studying on Copenhagen or have studied in Copenhagen and you want to contribute to this site, we are always looking for new volunteers. Please contact Marie at info@studenterhuset.com for more information.

This website is managed by Studenterhuset. We are a non-profit, student-driven organization, supported financially by the University of Copenhagen and we work towards making Copenhagen a better city for all students. Read more about Studenterhuset here.


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