I am a swallow, who has been flying around many countries on my migration path, learning traditions and culture on the way. My current stop is København, a perfect spot to study my Masters in Nature Biodiversity, volunteering at the Zoo museum and be researcher at the Danish wildlife film making company Professionally, I aspire to be a leading wildlife ecologist and conservationist and travel as a journalist. Socially, I'm keen on meeting new people, exploring new places, and making new friends. Personally, I am driven by a slight case of F.O.M.O. syndrome (Fear Of Missing Out) It’s the perfect sized city for me, full of hygge coffee houses, tiny bars, private galleries and urban gardens. I love the pulse, the vibe and the way the city changes throughout the seasons. I love to discover new spots and keep an eye on the old ones. I never get tired of biking and checking CPH's dark corners and bright lights, and look forward to sharing them here with you!