Budget Plans for Different Student Types

Before coming to Cph, I was really wondering how much money I was going to spend in one month. When I asked someone living here, they always told me that Cph is an expensive city and I would have spend more money than in Turkey. I just wanted to know some essential expenses. So, to give you some ideas, I am going to describe different budget plans according to different student personalities. Of course, it depends on your habits and characteristics, plus these are just approximate prices.


rebeccaRebecca is an exchange student for one semester. That’s why she always wants to spend time with her friends and travel to other countries to explore awesome places. Studying may seem to be a second purpose for her. Nevertheless, she bought all course books in her curriculum and already started to study regularly.

Fortunately, she could find a room in a student dorm. She brought almost all clothes and cosmetics from her home country as she heard that Cph is an expensive city. It is known that most people buy a new bike or a secondhand bike in the city to save their money. She, however, doesn’t know how to bike. Getting a monthly card called Periodekort is best option for her.

Besides, she is going out with her friends 3 or 4 times in one week and she loves drinking. Unfortunately, she does not know how to cook so she has breakfast and dinner outside. That’s why she spends less money in supermarkets. In total, she spends approximately 10000 dkk= 1400 euro.

  • Rent: 4070 dkk= 550 euro
  • Periodekort: 375 dkk= 50 euro
  • Top-up mobile: 100 dkk= 13 euro
  • Nightlife: 1000 dkk= 135 euro 
  • Meals: 3000 dkk= 400 euro (Meals in restaurant= 10-15 euro on average)
  • Grocery: 500 dkk= 65 euro 
  • Secondhand books :770 dkk= 100 euro 


carolineCaroline is studying a full time in Cph. She is a Danish student so her expenses are a little bit different from Rebecca’s. She lives with her family, that’s why she has no renting expenses and the state pays her a scholarship. After 18 years old, Danish and EU students studying in Denmark receive a monthly grant from the state called SU, with certain requirements.

She bought a secondhand bike a few years ago and she always uses her bike. She is goes out with her friends 2 or 3 times in a week and doesn’t drink so much. Just she is filling her Rejsekort (travel card) up to 2 times in one month when she is drunk and doesn’t want to bike.

Spending money on clothes and cosmetics is a kind of entertainment for her so she goes shopping regularly. She also loves doing sport and taking some private courses.  She spends monthly around 3000 dkk= 400 euro and she gains SU (6000 dkk: 750 euro).

  • Secondhand bike:  700-800 dkk= 100 euro 
  • Sport Club fee: 270 dkk=36 euro
  • Music lessons: 200 dkk= 26 euro 
  • Nightlife: 500 dkk= 65 euro 
  • Meals: 700 dkk= 95 euro 
  • Rejsekort: 200 dkk= 26 euro 
  • Shopping: 1000 dkk= 135 euro


billBill is also a full time university student in Cph but he is not Danish. He found a private housing. He has to work 15 hours per week in order to receive money from state because he is from EU.

He is an awesome cook so he prefers to prepare his meals at home. Ingredients for food and other housing supplies are the main expenses for him.

He drinks a lot of alcohol but he doesn’t go bars. He doesn’t spend anything on clothing. He is living too far away to bike so he uses his personal car to go around. The state gives him around 5200 dkk=700 euro and from hi job he earns 4000 dkk= 500 euro per month. He spends approximately 9000 dkk= 1200 euro monthly

  • Private housing: 5300 dkk= 700 euro
  • Gasoline: 900 dkk= 120 euro 
  • Sport Club fee: 250 dkk=33 euro 
  • Shopping: around 300 dkk= 40 euro 
  • Supermarkets: 1500 dkk=200 euro 

You can focus on your interests and calculate the estimated expenses in one month. When you learn some basic prices, you are able to manage your money conveniently. I hope these three different student types will give you some ideas about budget in Cph.

May the force be with you!

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