Distortion: Be ready to party!

What should you expect from the biggest street party in Europe as a newcomer? From what I have experienced, it is pretty safe to say that Copenhagen is an exciting place and that it can always surprise you when you least expect it. And as we know spring is right around the corner, so that means only one thing: FESTIVALS, and more likely, it is time for DISTORTION!

Cheap traveling in Europe

Now to you Europeans studying here, this article will not seem shocking since you have always had it, but to most of us from outside of the EU, air travel here is dirt-cheap. If you have already traveled all the way to Copenhagen, why not travel some more? Europe is a continent of a vast different array of cultures and languages. Being so close together, and being within the European economic zone, allows for easy travel.

Socializing in CPH

You are new in town, there is no one to hang out with; reading that book isn’t an attractive prospect at the moment, all of a sudden your room seems much smaller and you are getting bored to death. The excitement of the past few days seem a distant memory and Netflix won’t even do the trick. Sound familiar? Yes, I thought so too.

Getting around in CPH

As a newly arrived international student, one of the challenges you are immediately faced with is how to get around the city. Without any knowledge of the options available to you, you actually might spend more money and effort than you really need to. So, here is everything you need to know about that.