The best places in Copenhagen to grab a STUDY BEER

So, you’ve been in the library all day, it’s now 19:00.
You’ve seen day pass into night.
People who have been soldiering on near you have gradually packed up and left- but you’re still going, you champ.

Good for you! You deserve a reward, but you still feel like you should do some more work. You give your friend a crafty look and say the magic words…
“Fancy a study beer?”

What makes Roskilde Festival ‘ROSKILDE FESTIVAL’?

Are you ready for Roskilde Festival? It is approaching rapidly and approximately 100000 people are waiting for it. Now, almost all tickets have been sold out but you may still have a chance to join it. Here, you will read why it is so important, what people are doing during this festival and some advises especially for people who will join for the first time.