Looking to kick-start your career in Copenhagen?

It’s your first few weeks in Copenhagen, you are no longer getting lost on your way from point A to point B and all the hassles that come with being a new student in Copenhagen seem to have dissipated. You now feel like you finally got it all together…
But wait! Oops!! there is just this one tiny detail you haven’t yet figured out.
Yes, you guessed right! You need a job.

Student Jobs in Copenhagen

As an international student in Copenhagen, you probably may have figured out already that in a general sense, there are only two categories of jobs available to you: Study-relevant jobs and well…. all the others!! You also might have read or heard that one kind is easier to get than the other, but then, this does not necessarily have to be so. Really? Yes, so keep reading.

Free food: Bin Diving!

When someone tells you they dig around in a bin for food, of course you might think that it’s dirty, unhygienic and unsafe for consumption. But, as I later discovered, these presumptions are entirely wrong. As the cost of living in Copenhagen began to hit us, Ellie and I decided to go on our own bin-diving expedition . . .

To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Having lived in Denmark for a little over half a year, one of the things I quickly have come to notice is the almost prohibitive cost of men’s clothing. The next time you consider buying that clothe item and you feel it’s too expensive to buy at a store in town, remember there are tons of cheaper deals that await you just a computer click away.

Unexpected Media Tax

The DR Media License is a tax that everyone in Denmark who has a TV, radio, computer, tablet or smartphone with Internet access must pay. International students are not excluded. It’s not only international students who are looking for a way out of paying the tax. A Danish Facebook page advocating for the tax to be abolished has over 22,000 likes…

Getting stuff cheaper in CPH

When you move to Copenhagen, one of the first things you get to hear is that everything in Copenhagen is expensive. Those that say so are probably right, but then, there is no rule that is general. Expensive isn’t really a word that will resonate well with someone on a student budget, so the question then is; how do you circumvent this? Don’t despair yet! Living in Copenhagen doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. That is why you need to read this.