Looking to kick-start your career in Copenhagen?

It’s your first few weeks in Copenhagen, you are no longer getting lost on your way from point A to point B and all the hassles that come with being a new student in Copenhagen seem to have dissipated. You now feel like you finally got it all together…
But wait! Oops!! there is just this one tiny detail you haven’t yet figured out.
Yes, you guessed right! You need a job.

Overcoming homesickness

For some, homesickness can hugely impact their life when they’re living abroad. Whether that’s because they have a strong group of friends at home who they do everything with or that they’re close to their family who provide a support network, or perhaps because they’re in long-distance relationship. However, at the beginning of my time in Copenhagen, numerous considerations meant that I found myself understanding why people can become so homesick.

Unexpected Media Tax

The DR Media License is a tax that everyone in Denmark who has a TV, radio, computer, tablet or smartphone with Internet access must pay. International students are not excluded. It’s not only international students who are looking for a way out of paying the tax. A Danish Facebook page advocating for the tax to be abolished has over 22,000 likes…

CPH for disabled students?

One of the hardest processes to navigate before experiencing the lovely city is finding somewhere to live. Finding a student accommodation is hard for any student let alone someone with a disability. You have to either know someone who is offering a room to rent, or stay on a waiting list for at least a year in order to get an elusive let. I did want to document my experience to offer a perspective on living with disabilities abroad.