Cheap traveling in Europe

I don’t know about most of you readers, but this here blogger had to undergo some serious travel to get over here. My home university is on Oahu in Hawaii, which is twelve time zones away, so technically I couldn’t have traveled further. Now to you Europeans studying here, this article will not seem shocking since you have always had it, but to most of us from outside of the EU, air travel here is dirt-cheap.

If you have already traveled all the way to Copenhagen, why not travel some more? Europe is a continent of a vast different array of cultures and languages. Being so close together, and being within the European economic zone, allows for easy travel.

Round trip tickets to visit our fellow viking neighbors in neighboring Stockholm can be as cheap as 138 DKK (20 USD). If you are in more of a tea and crumpets kinda mood, a round trip ticket to London runs the same price at 138 DKK. If you become love stricken or just have a fascination with art or wine, a round trip ticket to Paris will set you back app. 460 DKK (66 USD). A trip to southern Europe won’t ruin you much either with tickets to to see the famous Lion bridge that links Buda and Pest and $1 beers in Budapest at 210 DKK; Milan with all its fashion and glamour for 120 DKK; Rome and its millennia of history at 270 DKK. Dublin and Edinburgh with their thick accents and infamous spirits will each only cost you near 200 DKK.

Pick your location, and within Europe it is likely cheap and affordable for us college students – but before you go, I have a few tips for you. The airlines you will likely be flying with will be Ryan Air and Easy Jet. Ryan Air allows for a carry-on and a personal bag and have recently undergone a service overhaul to be more hospitable to their young guests, although their cabins are bright yellow which is not good for a hangover (if you chose to party the night before, a mistake I made). Easy Jet allows only for one carry-on, so be careful not to get stuck with their 50 euro fee at the gate for extra luggage. Both of these airlines rely on a smartphone app for check in and boarding passes. This will be the cheapest way to do business with them and one of the easiest. Simply download the app and your boarding pass and never have to go to a desk to check in. If you do decide to head to a desk they do charge large fees, so be aware.

If you are fine with not traveling in the most luxurious manner nor on the most luxurious plane, these companies will make sure you get to where you need to be going and get you there cheap. Since you are already over here, why not give it a chance? Just make sure to book a month or two in advance to avoid getting ripped of.

Safe travels my friends

Vi skrives!

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