About Denmark

Denmark at a glance. Geography, demography, climate, religion, history, Danish society, political system, education, public holidays and other date to remember… read more



Danish Culture

A Danish culture crash course, a bit about culture shock, tips on easing yourself into a new culture, how to dress like a Dane and many links to more information about Danish culture… read more



Danish Language

Most Danes speak English quite well. Nevertheless, being able to speak some Danish will benefit you both socially and if you want to look for a job. Find out about free language courses… read more



Copenhagen Neighbourhoods

Copenhagen is a very safe city, and there are no really dangerous areas to avoid. The city is planned to mix people from different walks of life in every area, but every neighborhood still has its own characteristics. Read more about the different neighbourhoods of Copenhagen… read more




Denmark legalized same-sex civil marriage in 1989 and same-sex church marriages in 2012. Overall, the majority of people in bigger Danish cities are open-minded, tolerant and inclusive towards the LGBTQ community. Copenhagen, in particular, has a big and diverse social scene… read more




When it comes to exploring your new Danish hometown, there is one tip that is more valuable than anything else: GET A BIKE! It’s cheaper and more flexible than busses, often quicker too… read more