Danish Style Birthday Party

To those who are having birthday during their stay in Denmark, wouldn’t you like to celebrate the birthday in a Danish-style? Here are some things that could make the birthday Danish:

Before the birthday

Make a birthday wish list! Just write a list of gifts you would like to receive this year and send the list to your dearest family and friends! Then, just wait for the day to come and receive the best birthday presents! There is no limit: you can write down as many gifts as you want! It is common for Danes to have a birthday wish list, especially for the young people, us! So, there is one more chance for you to openly request your dream presents this year (apart from Christmas). Grab the chance and boldly ask for the gifts. No one could judge you; just tell them you are having your birthday in a Danish style☺

Birthday morning

michelle1On the birthday, one should be awakened up by family with a (Danish) birthday song (see below).
Well, for us, I guess being wakened by our lovely roommates or friends would work too. After waking up, you should definitely go to the front of your door and put up Danish flags! In Denmark, having the national flags at your front door indicates a celebration inside the house. Put up the flags all around your room so to announce the day is a big day!

Birthday meals

– in the afternoon or evening, whichever suits you better!

You know it, don’t you? Pastries! And homemade buns are the best! You can prepare them yourselves or ask your friends coming to the party to bring some along. (If you are sure you would fail on the baking, then you of course could consider buying the buns from Danish bakeries… but I am sure you have friends who can bake!)

P.S. Last time I went to my friend’s birthday party, my friend just baked all the buns and cakes by herself. The birthday star prepared everything for us. That was amazing. Share love and happiness around at your birthday!

Surely we won’t miss it- the birthday cake.

Click on image for recipe of lagkage


Click on image for recipe of kagemand

There are two kinds of cakes. The first one is lagkage (layer cake). Between the layers of cake and also on top of the cake, there is whipped cream and pieces of fruits (e.g. strawberries, blueberries, banana…)

Another type of cake is kagemand. It is a cake with the shape of  a person with sweets and fruit on it. Kagemand is usually for kids but would work for us too. We are still young☺ For kagemand, there is the tradition to first cut the neck of the cake and everybody scream before start eating the cake. Try it and make some noise at the party!

At the end of the day, whether you have lagkage or kagemand (a bun could serve as birthday cake too), whatever kinds of cake will you have at your birthday, always put Danish flags on the cake. Danish flags make everything celebratory. Yup, flags are the essence of birthday cakes.

Danish birthday songs

Now, let’s move to the Danish birthday songs, the one we sing for waking up the birthday star and before cutting the cake. There is a shorter one and a longer one (I dag er det). I personally think the shorter one is nicer and funnier because it consists of less Danish words (I beg you to consider that too…) and also we get to imitate music instruments. First we sing some lines then we play the pre-decided instrument by our mouth in accordance with the melody of the song.

Check this out and listen to the kids’ joyful singing:  you will learn the song very quickly.
For I dag er det, hear a group of Norwegian male singing, I hope you get the joy of it.
Here are the lyrics of these two birthday songs lyrics.

Extra fun

IMG_0114There is something given to the birthday star according to their age and status. If one turns 25 and yet hasn’t been married, one gets cinnamon thrown over. By 30, one gets a pepper mill made out of metals or other materials in front of his house. Perhaps we can also go creative on throwing or making something special for our birthday ones!

No matter any style we have at our birthdays, the most important is to spend the time with our loved ones on the big day and spread the joy. Wish you all a happy birthday☺

Tillykke med fødselsdag!!!

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