See the stars in the free cosmic exhibit next to the world’s best restaurant.


If you’ve wandered past Noma after crossing the Inner Harbour Bridge, or ‘Kissing Bridge’, you might have seen a strange half-polygon overlooking the water, and been curious about what it was.

Inside is the Cosmic Space (2003) exhibit, constructed from glass and mirrors by Tróndur Patursson, based on his adventures with the British adventurer Tim Severin. The story goes that their handmade boat broke and they found themselves deep in the water, surrounded by sea and sky in all directions. Patursson made this exhibit to show his experience to everyone.


On the rare occasion, it’s great seen on a sunny day, where the light shines through the glass.  Take some time out from the grey skies and immerse yourself in a magical universe!


Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday: 10-17
Saturday-Sunday: 12-17

The exact location can be found at:

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