Too Good To Go: Students Best Friend

We all know that a student budget is tight and we sometimes make bad decisions when prioritizing what comes first. BUT, there´s always a way to find good food while still being on a budget!

The TOO GOOD TO GO (TGTG) App practically almost gives away restaurant food for as low as 30 kr.

You can get anything from a bag of pastries to a buffet box! Not only do you get good quality food for low prices, but you also help the community lower the amount of food waste.


I have tried both Royal Palace where they give you a box to fill up on as much food as you want, and Ashiqs Place where you get a box with one of ”Todays specials”.

It really depends from place to place, but the information about what kind of food each place is offering is stated in the app. You can get the food just before closing time. Just remember that there is also a time-limit on when you are allowed to get the food. So, you have to be there on time or all the good stuff will already be taken or the place has already closed!

You can download the App on your smartphone, found under the name: Too Good To Go.

So what are you waiting for? Try it and bon appetite!

Your fellow foodie,




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