Louisiana – The left foot of Art

About 40 kilometers north of Copenhagen the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art lays on the shore of Øresund. A left foot to the classical art of Statens Museum for Kunst and stony eyed sculptures of Glyptoteket inside urban Copenhagen. Louisiana, as its called, brings a vitalizing and different feel to the Danish Art scene as one of the premier Contemporary Art Museums in Scandinavia.

While currently hosting an exhibit on the psychedelic expressionist Yayoi Kusama this museum has a long history of showcasing many artists from Warhol to Picasso along with secondary exhibits such as pieces on display now about local historic Danish artist Asger Jorn and an African development display called AFRIKA.

LouisianaCosting 115 DKK for an adult admittance this is an excellent weekend day trip that not only gives you a chance to break out from the hustle and bustle of the city. Going through the museum will take a few hours and there is a pleasant café that hosts a lunch and dinner buffet at competitive prices but if you’re just in the mood for a snack, cakes, pastries and drinks are readily available.

My own trip to this museum occurred after receiving two tickets as a birthday gift from the girlfriend’s parents (follow along to future blog posts for more instructions on how to date Danes) for an evening trip. While I myself was a little taken aback by the Kusama exhibit, expressionist art has never been my forté, she was mesmerized by it, and while I spent hours in the AFRIKA hall she waited impatiently in the café. But hey, I guess that’s why we work so well. After touring the entire museum we sat down for an evening snack of fruit muffins and sparkling juice in the glass façade café that gave a stunning view of the straight all the way across to Sweden.

The journet to this museum is one of the best parts. The most enjoyable way would be up along Strandvejen or The Coast Road (Kystvejen) as you drive along the beautiful coast the entire way, but most of us don’t have access to motor vehicles so take the Öresundståg (Oresund train) to Humlebæk St. and from there any maps app will be able to lead you the rest of the way (app. 1 km).

Hope you all get the chance to head up there and enjoy the museum, it really is a great experience and is listed as one of the 1,000 Things to See Before You Die as well as being the 85th most visited art museum in the world, so it obviously impresses.

Vi skrives.

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