What makes Roskilde Festival ‘ROSKILDE FESTIVAL’?

Before coming Copenhagen, Roskilde festival was just a music festival for me. As long as the date of the festival approached, people began to turn crazy and at that moment, I understood that this is not a basic music festival. My researches, that I did after seeing people’s reactions, showed that it is an incredible experience that you want to enjoy in your life. It is the largest festival in Europe and it hosts many cultures. Approximately 90000 guests are coming every year. 34000 volunteers are working during 8 days and it is nonprofit. These numbers are enough to show its magnitude and awesome atmosphere.

festival roskilde
Why people love it so much?

It has a fantastic atmosphere, full of excitement, best memories with hundreds of friends, good food, enjoyable and diverse music groups and artists. It takes place in a longer period than other music festivals. People coming here are experiencing all of these things during 8 days fully and they never forget these memories until they die. What else does a person want? This year, again, the line-up for music groups and artists is amazing. This is exciting programme for 2016.

Most important things at the festival

It can be thought as the best way to join the festival. This is because, when people work as a volunteer there, their ticket will be provided by the organization and besides that, they will be able to get some discounts for food and beverages. What a great thing especially for a student! One thing to do is to apply and fill a form on the official website and wait for it. Enjoyable and profitable times are guaranteed if you are a volunteer 😉 All people can find a lot of different job options with respect to their capabilities or characteristics. The organization will give all volunteers a shift schedule to perform during the festival. In doing so, volunteers can reach some parts such as back areas of stands that ordinary people cannot reach. That’s why volunteers might have more enjoyable time than ordinary participants.

The most enjoyable part is definitely camping in the festival. This issue is going to be the most important in Roskilde festival because it has the largest camping arrangements. There are different options for accommodation. The detailed information can be obtained from the official website. Finding a place according to the desires is possible. People may get a tent in ‘get-a-tent’ area, which is the most useful way because grabbing a place is not easy every time. In this area, tents are set up by the organization.

People who desire more silent and peaceful area may prefer this camping method but of course the prices are higher than the ordinary festival area. In there, people may reach hot water to take a shower, modern toilets (not container 😉 ) and more peaceful environment around them. Thus, they are able to avoid the dirty smell and chaos if they want. On the other hand, in my opinion, in the regular camping area, people might spend their most enjoyable times because the soul of festival might be felt in a chaotic environment. In this part, people have to bring their tents, air mattresses, blankets etc. The conditions are a bit more challenging, for example, getting hot water is difficult. Living ‘in misery’ may sometimes be more funny because, at the end of the day, it is a festival.


Advices for hygiene
Choose your camp area far away from toilets. Avoid pee someone’s tent. Don’t treat people the way you don’t want to be treated. Bring a lot of hygenic items like toilet paper, wet wipes etc. Get a 5 liter plastic can to fill with water, so you do not have to wait in long queues. Hot water is not free of charge in some parts. Take a shower in the early morning hours or during night time because there would be a long queues in front of the shower. Shampoo and towel are expensive so bring them in your bag.

Advice for camping equipment
There is always a store selling camping equipment in the festival but they are a bit expensive so try to bring your equipment. Your camp chair will probably be stolen so don’t hesitate to steal someone’s chair: it is a tradition (LOL).  Don’t bring valuable things. Bring loudspeakers to listen your music during the daytime.

Advice for food
Quick soup, noodle, canned food will be rescuer during the festival because there will be long queues in front of food courts. You have access for hot water to cook them. Marshmallow and sausages can be cooked with the camp fire. Give importance to recycling and support it by collecting beer cans.

Advice for clothing
Bring all types of clothes. Get a pavilion and proper clothes to protect your skin from sun and rain. The rain may be inevitable so bring a raincoat. Don’t bring umbrella because you do not need it if you are drunk 😉

At the end, I understood its importance so I believe that all people should have this kind of experience in their life. It is the best opportunity to meet new friends, have best memories and spending incredible 8 days. Don’t miss it. Have fun.

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