Living Costs

Living expenses will depend on your lifestyle and habits. Find a rough budget  to give you an idea of average monthly expenses, and some price examples… read more



Saving Tips

Living in Denmark can be expensive if you’re not used to being a little budget or money savvy. Here are some tips on how to save money, but still have a fun and social student life… read more



Shopping Tips

Be aware of the various price tags on the supermarkets in Denmark.
The budget-friendly options like Netto, Fakta, Lidl and other “discount” shops have a great variety of goods, without the hefty price tag of the more upscale shops… read more



Free Stuff

There are usually a wide and interesting variety of free cultural and social events in all of the big university cities in Denmark. Keep an eye on your local newspaper, posters and flyers at the university and local student house and follow the various groups that share and post links to free events in your area… read more



Scholarships & SU

If you are an EU citizen working in Denmark, you might be able to apply for SU. You have to work a certain minimum amount of hours at your job to be eligible to earn what Danes receive for SU. If you do get SU, then there is a limit to how much you are allowed to earn per year… read more



Work in Denmark

A great percentage of Danish university students have student jobs. Though it might not be your first task to get one immediately upon arrival, if you plan to stay here for more than one semester, it’s a good idea to consider getting a student job… read more



Finding a Job

There are several different strategies you can follow when looking for a job. Try to use a combination of the mentioned methods rather than solely relying on one way to do it… read more




If you have a paid job, you have to pay taxes. Simple as that. It is a crime to not pay your taxes, both for you and for the work place… read more



NemID & Digital Denmark

NemID (“Easy ID”) is the Danish digital logon solution for both public self-service, online banking and more. Having one will make you able to handle a lot of interaction with the Danish authorities digitally, which is easier in the long run. So it’s generally worth the trouble to get it… read more



It is a good idea to open a Danish bank account if you have to study here. If you want to have a job or even get SU, you will definitely need one…

You are strongly adviced to make sure, you have proper insurance while studying in Denmark… read more