Do more, spend less

– the smart student’s guide to a good life in Denmark

Living in Denmark can be DAMN (pardon us) expensive if you’re not used to being a little budget or money savvy. Here are some tips on how to save money, but still have a fun and social student life:

Make a budget

This way you don’t end up spending all of your money before the end of the month. Remember that you need to eat, buy books and boring things like toilet paper and light bulbs as well.


Get one. Use it. Use it wisely so you don’t get fined for riding dirty.

Dinner at home with friends

A budget-friendly and fun way to share a meal with your friends. You can take turns cooking or cook together.

If there are communal kitchens in your city, those can be a great and cheap solution for dining out with friends as well, and or even to meet new people.

noun_33Packed lunch

Buying lunch at university or in the city might lead to empty pockets very quickly. Start bringing a packed lunch instead.

Danish kids grow up eating packed lunches throughout their educational upbringings, and there is nothing socially awkward in bringing your own food. Homemade sandwiches, salads (get some sturdy plastic boxes for this), and leftover dinner all make for great options.


Don’t spend all your money on expensive drinks in fancy bars. Student houses and the Friday bars are where it’s at.

Danish students often meet up privately to “pre-game” before going out, which can also help to make your partying a tad more budget-friendly.
Remember to check how the busses and trains run at night. Biking while intoxicated is dangerous and illegal, and taxis are expensive.