Taxes – ‘SKAT’

If you have a paid job, you have to pay taxes. Simple as that. It is a crime to not pay your taxes, both for you and for the work place.

Most work places report the salary directly to SKAT, so it will be automatically deducted from your salary each month. Most jobs in Denmark will pay you by the end of each month, but it might vary.

Remember to ask how it works at your job and if they report the taxes.

If they don’t, you have to report it yourself and pay what SKAT has calculated that you owe them. You do this online via in the form called ‘årsopgørelse’.

You pay around 40-45% in various taxes even as a student, so remember to include the taxes in your budget – 100 dkk per hour is not 100 dkk for you to spend.

The taxes go towards paying for free education, healthcare etc. in Denmark, so it’s considered a very good thing, even though it can feel annoying to see your pay cheque cut in half.

If you have any questions regarding your taxes, you can find the address of your nearest tax office at – The Danish Tax Authority – An introduction to the Danish tax system (PDF)

What is a tax card?

If you have a salaried job in Denmark you must apply for a tax card from your local tax office. A tax card is the official document that tells you how much tax you have to pay.

Once you have gotten your CPR number you can contact SKAT and inform them how much you expect to earn in the calendar year. Then they’ll help you to get a digital tax card. Your employer will get your tax card digitally from SKAT once they have reported your income. – Taxes