NemID & Digital Denmark


NemID and Digital Denmark

NemID – ‘Easy ID’ – is the Danish digital login solution for both public self-service, online banking and access to the digital portals for SU, SKAT etc.

NemID consists of a User ID, a Password and a code card with one-time codes. You log on by entering your User ID and your password first, and then a code from your code card.

The code card is a small laminated card, the size of a credit card, with one-time codes corresponding solely to your user.

The system is secure and reliable when used wisely: don’t save your password, don’t use it on public computers or without a firewall etc., but it can be the source of many frustrations and jokes about how it is not, despite its name, easy.

If you are having problems with NemID, know that this is not due to you being a foreigner. Chances are that your Danish classmates have experienced some of these issues as well.

You don’t have to be a Danish citizen to get a NemID, and having one will allow you to handle a lot of interactions with the Danish authorities digitally, which is easier in the long run. So it’s generally worth the trouble.

Once you have a NemID, you can access, where you will find links to almost all of the Danish public services and authorities: is mainly in danish, but has a subsite in English called, with the parts from most relevant to foreigners: