NEM ID? Tips for internationals.

Talking to the Danish government comes with its own set of struggles, one of which being they require you to have NemID to use a variety of services like electronic mail (Digital Post), Borger Mail, online banking, making doctors appointments online and a whole host of other websites that require you to fill out personal and private information.

A NemID uses a user name (CPR number, NemID Number, or a Personal ID Number), a pin code, and a random number table connected to your various accounts to make your information as safe as possible by securing logins. If you use your login a lot, there will be a chance you will need to get another code card, which can also be picked up from a borger service.


As a person new to Denmark you will need to get your CPR card first, before getting a NemID. The ID and activation password is available through your local Borger Service and through banks. Although it is possible to get a NemID through a bank, this will have to be in person, as most banks will not let you create an account online with them if you don’t already have a NemID.

Be aware the cards can take up to two weeks to come to your mailing address, so try and apply for it as soon as you receive your CPR. In my case, I went to a borger service to get my NemID, waited a month and then never received anything.

Don’t be afraid to go back after a couple of weeks if your documents have not come, as you may never end up receiving it.