It’s free, healthy and fun!

If you’re wondering which activity I’m writing about, it is RUNNING! Running has tons of benefits. It keeps you healthy, i.e. allows you to eat more nice food, spend some time in idle moments, get up from your working desk and beloved bed☺, refresh yourself and be happy.

Here I will introduce you to some places for running (for free, lol), where you can run alone without feeling awkward since  people in Copenhagen love running☺ The places below are mostly around the area of Østerbro. (Have you been to Østerbro? You have to! It’s famous among kids and elderly☺ It’s one of the nicest living area and the running in the area is fantastic!)


Fælledparken is for both for sportive people and sunbathing people! It’s next to a sport stadium. The park consists of running routes and bike lanes, with harmonious scenery around. While running there, you can find kids playing around, footballers drilling next to you and friends chilling under the sun. When I first had my running there, I was so absorbed by the surrounding that I ended up running for nearly two hours, which I consider the best running experience I have ever had! Try out your running there and you will get even more absorbed by the stunning view since spring is now here!

running 1

running 2

The views you would get while you run, isn’t it perfect?

running 3

And seeing kids playing around could only make you smile even more☺

The park is separated into two parts by a crossroad.  If you feel like running out of energies, you can start running in the other part to get your energy boost up again☺

running 4

This, the other part of the park that carries another amazing scenery.

Svanemøllen Beach

Svanemøllen Beach is next to the S-train station Svanemøllen. Running along the beach side gives you the perfect view of the sea and you can lie on the sand after your exercise (or even swim!)☺

running 5

running 6

The route to the beach, with paintings and beautiful houses besides☺

If you like the colour blue, definitely run here and enjoy!


Sortedam Lake

Sortedam Lake stretches from Nørrebrogade to Østerbrogade, it is a row of three rectangular lakes. You can choose running (or jogging) in one of the rectangular blocks or all three in a row if you intend for some intense exercising. Besides the lake are the houses and restaurants. Running there is more of a city-like experience and when you don’t wanna go far away, the area is a sound option.

running 8

running 9running 10

The bridge connects you to these beautiful houses!!


Kastellet is where the Little Mermaid is and it is one of the best preserved fortresses in Northern Europe! Not to mention the awesome nature that surrounds it; especially in spring time, many flowers are blooming and that is SO pretty!


Østerbro Stadion

If you’re looking for a proper, formal running field, then Østerbro Stadion will be your choice. I haven’t run there; but it would be nice if you would like to train yourself for running. I guess running in a stadium would probably get you more focused in exercising (by some pressure).


Surely, Copenhagen has many more running places to offer you; the above are just some of my favourites☺ Go run now! I hope you can get a refresh in life from your running. See you!

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