Peculiar Danes: US Elections


Being a welfare state, Denmark represents an arguably socialist mentality. Thus, when the likeminded Bernie Sanders was running for president, we were already fantasizing about his victory, drooling at the idea of the US becoming a welfare state like Denmark. And boy were we flattered when Bernie described Denmark as being his socialist wet dream.

When it was announced that Bernie Sanders was out of the running, however, we were left with two candidates, both of whose political views were very far removed from our socialist mindset. Indeed, Danes cease to be fully convinced by the politics proposed by the current candidates.

Danes not impressed

A survey by Eurotrack revealed that only 30% of Danes think that Clinton would be a good president, while even fewer (3%) think that Trump would be a good president. So irrespective of who wins the election, it is safe to say that the Danes will not be overwhelmed with joy. None the less, the Danes are still very keen on finding out who will win, and we have been following the US presidential campaign very closely.

Somehow we feel very involved in the US election and many of us sit glued to the TV screens on these days leading up to the elections. Recently, one of our political parties even launched an anti-Trump ad on our buses, urging American citizens in Denmark to vote for Clinton. While watching the bus pass by, one of my Peruvian friends asked me why Denmark is so obsessed with the US elections. Why do we even care who wins? And it’s a good question.


Fear and Entertainment

Firstly, we follow the US elections because we fear the effect that the outcome will have on Denmark.

Decisions in the White House tend to have a big impact on small countries like Denmark. With Clinton as president, Denmark would probably see itself being more actively involved in military action in the Middle East.

With Trump as president on the other hand, Danish businesses would most probably see a negative economic outcome triggered by his protectionist trade policies.

Secondly, there is something really entertaining about watching the elections as they unfold. You would never see Danish politicians getting away with the kind of things that Trump and Clinton are getting away with. Things like Trump casually threatening to put Clinton behind bars on live TV. And FBI casually deciding to investigate Clinton only few days before the final elections.

And not to mention the sudden rise of websites and news presenters having to repeatedly fact-check the candidates’ statements!

So: Where can you see the Presidential Election Live?

On the 8th of November, there are several places that will be screening the Presidential Election live. Most places will include live talks, music and food, which will be running from the evening up until the early morning hours. Many of the events are already completely sold out but I did some research and found out where you still have a chance of getting your US Elections fix.

Election Night at Husets Teater


Entrance: Free

Time: 9pm-01am

Description: Husets Teater will be serving cheap drinks during what they call the elections-happy hour, which starts at 9pm. At 10.15pm Husets Teater will present a theatre piece called Election 2016 -Through the Mirror Darkly. At 11pm Goodiepal and PALS (artist known for computer music) will play a set. This will be followed by a music jam at around midnight.

Location: Halmtorvet 9, 1700 København V


Election Night with the Danish Social Democratic Party


Entrance: 260kr

Time: 8pm-9am.

Description: This event is hosted by the Danish Social Democratic Party, who very openly are routing for Hillary. There will be live streaming on the big screen from CNN. Danish Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen will be there and so will the super famous photographer Jacob Holdt!

Entertainment: There will be live music from Tamra Rosanes and The Billy Surfs (retro rock), DJ The Ball and The Wall, and stand-up comedy in English from Omar Marzouk. You will be able to buy snacks and breakfast.

Location: Enghavevej 40 (VEGA)


Free Breakfast with American Ambassador in Denmark


Time: 6am-7am (9th november)

Entrance: free

Description: This is an event for those of you who don’t really want to stay up all night to watch the entire elections process. With this event, you only have to use one hour of your time on the elections. By 6am the results will most likely be out, and Rufus Gifford, the American ambassador in Denmark will give a status update on the current situation. There will be free food from McDonalds and The Donut Shop.

Location: Rådhuspladsen 37 (Politikens Boghal)



Election Night at Café Globen

Entrance: Free

Time: 5pm-morning

Description: Café Globen will be screening the presidential elections all night. There will be drinks and snacks available throughout night, as well as breakfast in the morning.


Location: Turesensgade 2B