Disabled students

Information regarding your possibilities and rights as an international student with a disability is hard to find. The Danish support system for mentally and physically impaired students is called SPS.

What is SPS?

Special Educational Support provides compensatory support for full degree students with physical or psychological disabilities, giving you the opportunity to undertake your studies on equal terms with other students.

If you’re an exchange or guest student, you can only get help from the SPS with funding from your home country.

You are eligible for Special Educational Support (SPS) if
  • you are accepted into a full degree programme
  • your disability is long-term (e.g. hearing or vision problems, dyslexia, psychological or physical disabilities)
  • you have formal documentation of your diagnosed disability (e.g. from a specialist physician)
  • you are an active student
As well as support, you can apply for
  • special conditions during your exams
  • exemption from academic progress requirements
  • exemption from maximum study period requirements (apply early!)

ku.dk – Info for Full Degree students

ku.dk – Info for Exchange and guest students

HSK – ‘Handicappede Studerende & Kandidater’

We also recommend that you contact HSK – the organization for students and alumni with disabilities. They can help you if you lack information or have additional questions.

Social life

Most campuses at UCPH are wheelchair accessible, but not all student cafés are. Studenterhuset in central Copenhagen is for all students and is wheelchair accessible; read more here.

If you would like to meet Danish Students with disabilities, you can contact HSK or SUMH (The Association of Disabled Youths), who has recently started a café for students with disabilities in Copenhagen. Their homepage is in Danish only, but you can write them in English.

578px-Aiga_elevator_handicap.svgWheelchair accessibility

Wheelchair accessible apartments are limited in Copenhagen. Especially closer to the city center where most buildings are old, they are less likely to have elevators.

Let your university know as soon as possible if you have disabilities affecting your mobility or other special requirements –they might be able to assist you.

noun_13098If you are responsible for finding your own accommodation try looking for newer buildings or further away from the city center. Ask the international citizens service in your municipality if they provide assistance for disabled international students.

You can also contact local associations for disabled students.

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