The easiest way to get around Copenhagen is on bike, by foot or by public transportation. Cars are expensive both to buy, insure, fuel and park in the city, so consider whether or not you really need one, especially if you’re on a budget.

Within the cities, biking, walking, and taking public transportation are more than enough to get you around town.


noun_79Bikes can be quite cheap, often the fastest solution (no waiting for the bus), and most Danes will bike regardless of rain or snow. If you have only just learned how to ride a bike upon coming to Copenhagen, do be careful so that you don’t hurt yourself. Red Cross occasionally organises “bike schools” for foreigners who would like to learn.

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Public Transport

Copenhagen has an extensive network of public transportation, including busses, S-trains, regional trains, metro, waterbuses and even public bikes.noun_14232

You must have a valid ticket or commuter card when using public transportation, as the fines for riding without one are high in all cities.

To plan a trip using public transportation use Rejseplanen (the journey planer).


noun_468Outside the city centers people often travel by cars, and most families have at least one. It is rather expensive to own a car in Denmark, due to high car taxes, high gasoline prices and high insurance costs, so few students own cars.


noun_70Cabs are expensive, but it is a good idea to have the number of a local reliable taxi-service saved in your phone in the event that you should need it. Ask other students what taxi-service they prefer.

Student Commuter Card

Public transportation functions well in Copenhagen. If you have a longer commute, you might be eligible for a student commuter card.

Go to your nearest DSB station, bring documentation proving that you are a student (and especially if you get SU) and talk to the DSB officers about the cheapest options for your transportation needs. They are normally very helpful.

Travel Card – ‘Rejsekortet’

If you use the bus, local trains or metro only on occasion, Rejsekortet is the cheapest solution. You sign up for a card, which then functions as a digital ticket, either as a pay-per-travel or a monthly plan. You can sign up online or at ticket offices at the bigger stations.

You can also use Rejsekortet in most other areas of Denmark, which makes it easy to explore the country on your days off.