Do you remember your first day of High School?

That cute person your best friend had a crush on, but who turned out to have a crush on you, or maybe the opposite way?

How about the huge drama about the friend who came out of the closet?


If you´re an international student from a non-Nordic country, then you probably haven’t heard about SKAM. Directly translated to English from Norwegian, means SHAME.

It´s a Norwegian series that is huge hit not only in Norway, but also in Denmark.

It follows a group of teenagers and their love lives, friendships and teenage problems, which we ALL have been through. What makes SKAM outgo all the other teenage series it that it allows you to follow the characters between the airings in forms of live updates, chat convo’s between them, explanation of past happenings and possible spoilers all showing online. The characters come to life through social media. You can even follow them on Instagram!

The series is in Norwegian, but HEY it is a good opportunity to learn Norwegian (which is more or like the same as Danish writing, but totally alien in pronunciation). In worst-case scenarios, English subtitles are available for Season 3 at the moment, and soon to be for the first 2 seasons.

You can watch the series for free at: and find one with English subtitles here:

You can also follow the characters between the airings at:

If you want relive the pupplylove-teenage drama-moments then you should watch SKAM. The series is now airing its 3rd season so you better get started!