Exploring your city

Meeting the Danes is also about doing activities “like the Danes” with your friends.

During the (short, but sweet) summer, Copenhagen, like most university cities in Denmark, have a great outdoor life.

noun_1610People take disposable grills out into the parks and have a low-key, social barbecue, bring wine and beer to the beach, go to outdoor movie screenings (often for free) in parks and play ballgames on the nearest patch of grass.

If there are outdoor sports facilities in your area, these are often also used for social purposes.

During the colder seasons you can still go for a walk outside (remember your raincoat and a warm sweater) or even go to the skating rinks that most cities have during winter.

All through the year there will be a ton of cultural and social events in all of the major Danish cities. These events can be various festivals (music, film, art, food), cultural happenings, carnivals or big block parties.

Sometimes all of these are combined into big city-celebrations like Golden Days in Copenhagen. Bring your friends, go out, explore what your local city has to offer and discover new experiences. Often these activities are for free or have student discounts on tickets. If not, it’s often possible to volunteer as well.

Even in the biggest cities in Denmark, there are rarely neighbourhoods that are actually dangerous for anyone to visit. Of course it’s a good idea to keep updated on whether there are tensions in your local area, but other than that you can safely assume that your city is safe.

You should feel safe to explore the various neighbourhoods in your city and we recommend that you do so to ensure that you see and experience things outside of your university and home.

Maybe you’ll find beautiful street art, a hidden park or your new favourite pizza place?