Sofiebadet – An Oldfahioned Spa

StudyCPH visited the beautifully restored 1909 bathhouse in Sofiegade, Christianshavn. This photo blog post is what came out of it. The tiles and the marble are the original, imported from respectively Germany and Italy (Click the pictures to see them in full size).

After engaging in a lot of stressful activities or perhaps just needing a break from the oftentimes depressing weather in Copenhagen, one begins to dream of ways to pamper one’s self and while you may not be clear on how exactly to achieve this, a good idea might be to visit the spa.

In Christianshavn, Sofiebadet is just the place to visit especially as it is both exotic and has a lot of history behind it. The existence of this sauna/spa dates back to 1909 when it first started out as a bath house serving residents of Christianshavn and beyond and it retains its original marbles and tiles from 1909, which are from Italy and Germany respectively, despite several renovations in both 2009 and 2011.

It is a spa, sauna, offers massage services and also has a hammam. Located right at the heart of Christianshavn, whether you are on the go or just in need of a cool down, you can easily locate it.

Though spas and saunas may be perceived to be very expensive and therefore only a luxury, it isn’t necessarily so in the case of Christianshavn, as at Sofiebadet, there are very student-friendly prices on Mondays. All facilities, including the hammam, can be accessed on Mondays from 4pm for a fee of 90kr and in case you need a towel, it only costs an extra 10kr, plus you don’t need to have made a reservation beforehand. Also, tea is free and coffee only costs 15kr here, so it is a very cozy place to relax and treat your body to a massage and the good news is that it doesn’t have to be expensive and just in case you don’t want a massage or spa treatment, you can still have a nice time there during the Sunday concerts (see their website for more information).

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