Spring Festival: Budget Edition

No more Spring Festival?

No problem. Studenterhuset has got you covered with the budget-cut edition of Spring Festival 2016!

Many of you may have heard rumor of the Spring Festival (Forårsfestival in Danish). Though the first one only took place a few years ago in May 2014, it made a huge impact on the students and staff of KU.

spring 2

The festival is one of the largest events for Copenhagen University. It includes live music, the science slam (picture academic rap battle), foosball tournaments and more. Most importantly it brings together students and staff from campuses all over the city. The Spring Festival celebrates the diversity of the study body and encourages intermingling between faculties.

Michael who helped organized the first two Spring Festivals explains that this is the joy of the festival. Students who would never meet in their own classes get the chance to come together and share what they’re studying. It’s not just a big party, it’s a celebration of being a university and of being academics.

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Michael shared with me that his most memorable moment from the past years was a simple conversation he overheard from two students:

“The second year I was standing in line to get some food and I heard this one girl who was studying info science and communications trying to tell another girl who was studying bio chemistry about her studies. Both were second year bachelor students and were still trying to figure out their own studies while trying to explain to each other…”

This type of engagement between students is what makes the Spring Festival unique.

spring f 1

So why isn’t it happening this year?

Simple answer is budget cuts. During a period of cutbacks and layoffs at KU the Spring Festival wasn’t able to hold on. Not to worry! In light of the unfortunate decision, Studenterhuset stepped up to offer the budget edition.

“We want to keep the ball rolling and make sure that there’s still something this spring that will have the same effect” says Michael.

From May 20-22 the beloved Spring Festival events will be taking place at Studenterhuset (Facebook event). Come check it out and meet your fellow KU students and staff!

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