Start early, thank yourself later!

Don’t let procrastination sour the end of your exchange!

Procrastination is synonymous with student and if you thought it was a problem at your home university, just wait….

It’s a routine that as students we have learned to accept. The final stretch of procrastination culminating in a stressful and sometimes catastrophic exam period is not a result of bad planning but an unavoidable reality.


Exam period is a dark time. It doesn’t seem fair that as the days get longer and warmer the workload gets heavier. Procrastination feeds off of sunshine, outdoor festivals and lazy spring evenings.

When it comes time to study it seems as though there are a million BETTER activities to do (there probably are) and if you experienced this at home I can guarantee it will be worse abroad.

Not only are there more hours in a day to spend outside but as your exchange comes to an end you realize that there are still trips to take (have you been to Aarhus yet?!), museums to go to, parks to lounge in and restaurants to try. School is the last thing on your mind as you frantically compile a long-overdue CPH bucket list.


Though many exchange students find the course load lighter when abroad, it’s surprising how much time is required to prepare for finals. Last semester I made the mistake of leaving things too late and spent my last few weeks in Copenhagen before Christmas at the library. Luckily I had another semester, but many people were caught off guard and went back home regretting their lazy attitude towards exams.

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My advice would be to start early. It’s not exactly a novel concept but when you’re on exchange there’s more on the line.Don’t waste your last month abroad in the library next to a container of instant coffee.You should be out enjoying the rare sunshine with your new friends whom you may not see for a long time.

You want to end your exchange on a high and I believe it’s possible to do so even with final exams looming. Prepare in advance and get your friends to do the same. It might seem like a nuisance now but you’ll be thankful!

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