Student Life

Even though you’re probably already aware that there are great differences between your home country’s university system and the Danish one, you might still find yourself surprised by how Danish student life works… read more



Being a student

The ethos of Danish universities is to “take responsibility for your own education”, meaning that you are rarely tested on the reading or have your attendance checked. Do not take this as a reason to skip class or to not do the reading. You will still have exams and assignments that you need to pass and many subjects might include group work with other students, who are depending on you to show up prepared… read more



Study Tips

For many students, Danish as well as international, structuring your day and week is one of the biggest challenges about being a university student. There are many techniques and systems you can make use of, but the most important thing is that you find out what works for you… read more



Practical University Info

Most universities and faculties use the 2-semester model, but some schools have a “block”-structure, where the academic year is divided into 4 smaller blocks with exams after each one. Summer break and start-of-year dates are usually the same throughout the different universities… read more



Study Facilities

Whether you prefer to study at a quite library, with friends, or at a busy café, your new favorite study spot in Copenhagen is just waiting to be found. Most universities have several different kinds of spaces to study in. They usually have large open rooms, group rooms, smaller nooks, and even comfy couches… read more



Student Counsils

At every Danish university, there is a student organisation that works for the interests of all students. It is open to all students who want to improve student living conditions, the curriculum, the study environment and many other things. Activities and membership is usually free… read more




There are various places where you can go to get answers to your questions and help for the issues you might have as a student in Denmark… read more



Social Student Life 

Not having a campus life as such means that your social life as a student will depend on how much you choose to engage in social activities. Though not run directly by the university, there are a bunch of social activities at the universities, often run by students either from your own field of study or from the university as a whole… read more