– and “where to go”:

There are various places where you can go to get answers to your questions and help for the issues you might have as a student in Denmark.

If you have questions about being an international student – your university’s International office – Internationale Kontor is the place to go.

If your questions are of a more course and study based nature – your institute’s students’ guidance counsellor – Studievejleder  is your go-to person.

Student Counseling Service

If you are experiencing more serious difficulties dealing with issues related to your studies or personal problems, you can contact the Student Counseling Service. This is a free public service offered to students when the support of family, friends or the student advisory service is not sufficient.

Issues with a lecturers or administrative problems

If you have issues with a professor or are having administrative problems, you can also start by talking to your studievejleder. They can advise you on where to take your complaints and how to solve your problem.

Some universities have a “student ambassador” that can help with such things as well.

Remember that if you feel like you’ve been treated unfairly or incorrectly, you will always have an opportunity to appeal. There are processes set in place for filing complaints and appeals, and you shouldn’t be persecuted for doing this, as long as you follow the correct procedures. The incorrupt and generally unbiased nature of the Danish university system allows all voices to be heard, even if the decision doesn’t end up in your favour.

If you feel like there are things about your student environment or structure that you’d like to change, you can get involved in your local student council.