Student Life

Okay. You have arrived, you have conquered the paperwork and braved the weather and now you are ready to start your studies.

Even though you’re probably already aware that there are great differences between your home country’s university system and the Danish one, you might still find yourself surprised by how Danish student life works.


Though the Danish universities often have a campus area, actual university campuses do not exist. Rather than be confined to a “campus”, the universities function as part of the city they are placed in. As a student, you will get to utilize the surrounding city as part of your university experience.


The universities are mainly concerned with the academic part of your student life. They aim to ensure your academic development, but generally don’t interfere with your life outside of class. This means that your Danish university will probably not offer the same non-academic services that your university offers back home. Don’t worry! The services are still there; only they’re not necessarily run by the universities, but by governmental or non-profit organizations, or by student-run communities.

Studying is your job!

Being a student is generally seen as a job in Denmark. It is something you do for a living, and not as a bubble shielded from the things you have to deal with in a “normal” adult life.


As a student, you will normally live in residential halls (called kollegiums), shared flats or maybe even your own flat. You will cook, clean, pay your bills and do everything else yourself, and then commute (by bike or public transportation) to the university where you have your classes. You will study, prepare, read and agonize over exams, but what you do in your free time is not based on what you study.

Your life is separate from your school

While a lot of Danish students are very social with their fellow students, the basis of social life and activities for students are not organized through the university as such. You will (hopefully) meet people and make friends there, but what you choose to fill your life with outside of your studies is completely up to you, but also dependent on the available opportunities in your new city.

You are the one who gets to structure your life and studies in a way that makes sense to you.

Tips on how to structure your life as a Danish student