To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Having lived in Denmark for a little over half a year, one of the things I quickly have come to notice is the almost prohibitive cost of men’s clothing. Yes, by now you must have heard of how expensive everything is in Copenhagen, perhaps only rivaled by the astronomic cost of goods and services in its Scandinavian neighbor, Norway.

This presents a dilemma of sorts especially to students from outside of Europe. It goes without saying, that one aspect of your life that you immediately get to grips with having newly moved to Copenhagen is your finances (just in case you could not be bothered before now). Of course, there are those for which money is not an issue but also, there are others for whom it almost becomes a science of economic shrewdness to navigate student life in Copenhagen without having to incur further debt in the form of student loans from their home country.

Perhaps those of us from more forgiving climes would appreciate the contrast in the contents of one’s wardrobe at home and what it would have to be in Denmark. We might all agree that the weather in dear old Copenhagen is almost never not too far away from shitty (though I suspect that those in Jutland would have stronger opinions about their part of Denmark), it becomes a necessity to stock up in the clothing department in order to cope with this challenge.

It wasn’t too long ago that almost every store had their end-of-year sales, but while this is a good thing, especially if you needed to purchase some clothing for cheap, why wait till the end of the year to stock up on those clothes you have been planning to buy, when there is a much cheaper option that is always available?

Online shopping

shopping 1It’s amazing how this might not instantly come to mind when thinking about where to get that great deal that enables you to buy the clothing items you want at pocket-friendly prices. I personally have been amazed at the disparity in prices between the physical stores I have visited in Copenhagen and some of the prices displayed for the same items on internet stores. This obviously isn’t unrelated to the differences in expenses between running a physical store and just having one online. But who cares? Definitely not the prudent student, who just wants to be able to afford quality new clothes without it costing an arm and a leg.

Purchasing clothes online could save you up to 60% (yes, really!!) of the money you would normally have to dole out to purchase the exact same item at a physical store. Items ranging from shoes, socks, shirts to jackets, pants and shorts can all be purchased with relative ease from online stores. This is especially important for guys as clothing items for males tend to be more expensive compared to those for ladies. Even the several flea markets organized around Copenhagen stock such a disproportionate amount of male clothing relative to those for females that I have personally decided it is not worth the effort going to check out the items for sale at these.

Enter…online stores. The stores that I have found extremely cheap and easy to use include MandM and Zalando. These are just two examples out of a potential myriad of available options.

Of course, as with any other thing in life there are precautions you need to take in order to have the highest satisfaction from these services. A few of these include ensuring that you choose the right size of the item. If in doubt, check the size charts on the websites and compare to your own body measurements. In any case, most online stores have an effective no-qualms return policy if you are not satisfied with the product you purchase so, all things considered; I say there really is nothing to lose and all to gain.

So, the next time you consider buying that clothe item and you feel it’s too expensive to buy at a store in town, remember there are tons of cheaper deals that await you just a computer click away.

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